I feel like I've really gained in technique. Last year, I produced a lot of abstract paintings, and I wanted to move towards more figuration. I am learning to draw and paint based on observation, which was my goal when I came to this school. Little by little I understand the importance of communication and I think that figuration allows me to express myself more clearly. The visual archive has helped me enormously to understand my attractions, both visually and semantically, as well as in terms of meaning.
The research course brought me a lot about the questions I was asking myself, about the role of the artist, about the diffusion of the work. I think that part of my role is played in the evocation of political subjects. I also spent a lot of time (especially in the research course) talking about the importance of doing things in the street and in contact with people. This is where I am taking my first steps. Video and its public sharing are taking more and more place in my work. After leaving them aside, I understood the importance of presentation and documentation.
I liked to talk about love and memories in autonoom, homework gives me a certain freedom because I have the opportunity to approach subjects from a different angle than the one I would have taken naturally. I have allowed myself to be delicate this semester. I am happy to have gone to fields that I didn't like or fields that I would never have thought of in each of the courses.
If thinking through my hands, while I was working and spreading my thinking over several weeks and many assignments was quite simple, planning was more of a problem for me. For the house for example, I found myself wanting to change direction 3 times, when I had already started my project, and the basis of it was therefore not making sense with my secondary ideas. I loved working with wood during this project. I don't think I'm still using the workshops enough.
I found it difficult to separate working time, reflection time and my personal time. I work a lot but I also lose a lot of time. I realize that I am stressed and rushed. I often do things before I have sufficiently matured my idea, which leads to a lack of optimization of my
time. I think about imposing myself some time to think before starting work, which would allow me to be more efficient and take the time to read and intellectually nourish myself. I missed that this semester.
I really enjoyed the presentations, I think I was very inspired and unconsciously influenced by the other students. I also learned to look at every detail of a work and I think I can better analyze my work and the work of others. Although it is always a bit difficult for me to speak in public, I notice that I have gained confidence. If not orally, in my work.
I feel that I understand the direction I'm going in at the moment. In the next semester, I would like to build more bridges between the different courses because I have the impression that I am creating a separation between them that is not necessary.