My work is the documentation an intervention in the public space.
I continue the path I have taken with my previous interventions, but rather than focusing on the action of giving, I focus on the action of showing.
I create a large cardboard panel, which I carry like a backpack . I print my favorite photo of me and my boyfriend, on different a4 sheets, which I then glue together to form my image. This process echoes the observation of my object. Several rectangles taped together.
I fix this image on my cardboard panel, and create a black frame around it. The total measures 100cm by 140cm, big enough to get in my way, be noticed and interact with passers-by, and small enough for me to still be able to walk down the street.
I then walk around, leaving the camera with my boyfriend, and giving him no instructions except for the last shot. He then acts as if he passes me in the street and follows me. I take his rushes and tell about my walk.
At the end of my walk, I find bulky, seemingly old furniture from a bedroom or living room. I do no not move them. After publicly carrying my memory, it no longer belongs to me completely, and mixes with those that already are.
I take my image off my cardboard and fix it on the wall, like a central element, completing this scene that evokes an enclosed and intimate space outside. I also let my cardboard on the floor. It is then a street installation. I leave the field of the camera.
The last instruction, subtitled, brings me back to an intimate setting and positions me as an observer as well.
I wanted to project it in real life size, for u to have the impression to follow me and to apprehend the installation better. d’écran 2021-01-04 à 20_08_10.png d’écran 2021-01-04 à 20_08_07.png d’écran 2021-01-04 à 20_08_17.png