This semester was much more difficult for me than the first. If I managed to keep a rhythm and to motivate myself at the beginning of it, I had a lot of trouble afterwards. Working from home became quite complicated. I also found it difficult to be as committed as I was in the first semester. Overall I'm not happy with my semester, I don't think I produced enough, considering the time I had. But I did the best I could. I am still happy with my progress and my discoveries.
I understand a little more the underlying motivations of my work, my desires and my plastic attractions. I realised that in my political desire to work outside, there was also a personal need and pleasure. I am more accepting of the idea that my work will always be partly directed towards me.
The notion of confronting spaces is reflected in my pictorial aspirations as well as in my more conceptual work. One is introduced into the other, they merge and oppose each other.
I also realise that intimacy, or intimacies, are recurrent and predominant in my thinking.
I did a lot of thinking following the autonomous course. For an assignment, I tried to get pigeons to form a line on the ground, using seeds. I had a lot of fun with it and I felt like I was getting out of the definition that I voluntarily or not impose on my work. I realised that it was possible to do things with humour and lightness and at the same time to pose an interesting reflection. That it was also possible, and desirable, for me to explore my ideas beyond my obsessions.
The playful dimension of my practice has led me to happy accidents, which have resulted in concrete projects.
I have discovered mediums that I will use in the future. Sewing and working with textiles have been a great help to me. I have mastered and understand oil painting a little better, which I would like to continue exploring next year. Collage, drawing and photography are also becoming more and more important in my work.
The workshops have given me a clearer idea of the tools available to me for my projects. However, I regret that I did not make more use of silk-screen printing and ceramics. One of my resolutions for next year is to make use of the workshops as much as possible.
I learned a lot during the research course about how to present my research, the artists that speak to me, my work. I really feel that I am gaining confidence in speaking and I am very happy about that.
Next year, I want to continue to experiment outside of my primary attractions. I think that it will also be necessary, hoping that the situation improves, to frame myself by imposing a time of work at school and a time of rest at home.