My tote bag talks about the abusive capitalism that defines our society today, feeding the rich at the expense of the poor. The instruments and consequences of this system are omnipresent and condition our daily lives, from structural politics to our intimate constructions.
On the internet, I looked for a popular cry. Humans of capitalism is an image sharing account. Internet users send their photos to the administrator who relays them. Slogans, designs, quotations, political graffiti; the words of the photographs come to denounce and/or expose with cynicism the absurdity of capitalism and its excesses.
I then come to select them in order to condense them into a disordered and overloaded poem. Revealing an overflow, it reads like a bad joke. It raises many issues: employment drifts, precariousness, omnipresence of the market, environmental impact, individualism, loss of meaning, mental disorders, crude marketing...
A voice of many others, I question the representation, but above all I relay an indignation already present.
I wish to have this poem printed on several tote-bags, an object, in my analogous sense, of over-consumption and marketing. I could then wear these tote bags, allowing them to be more widely distributed and creating - or revealing - a glaring paradox.
While waiting to produce them, I present a montage that allows us to visualize the project. d’écran 2020-12-10 à 18_30_01.png